21 Best Seance Movies ...

21 Best Seance Movies ...

If you liked this movie , you will definitely love these too! In this collection we highlight some of the best films that share a very similar premise to '', and are worth checking out.

1. Ouija Board (2004)

2. Hold Your Breath (2012)

3. The Chosen (2015)

1h 28m Horror Thriller

When a child-stealing demon attaches itself to a little girl, her family is thrust into a battle against time in order to save the girl and send the demon back to hell.

4. I Am ZoZo (2012)

1h 30m Horror Thriller

I Am ZoZo is a psychological thriller about five young people who play with a Ouija board on Halloween and attract the attention of a malevolent demon. The film is based on real experiences with an ancient and malevolent spirit called ZoZo that attaches itself to people exclusively through Ouija boards. I Am ZoZo was shot on location on San Juan Island, WA and Seattle entirely on Kodak Super 8mm negative film stock.

5. Closed for the Season (2010)

6. The Forest (2011)

7. The Ghostmaker (2012)

8. Animus (2013)

1h 23m Horror Thriller

Hoping to find proof of the paranormal, five film students set out to document the legendary Copper Queen Hospital. But as the sun goes down, they experience something far worse than they ever could have imagined and they find themselves pursued by a blood thirsty maniac

9. Lizzie (2012)

5m Comedy Drama Family

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10. Compound Fracture (2014)

11. Sanatorium (2013)

1h 30m Thriller

On a bitterly cold December night, a paranormal investigations team has set their sights on the bloody Hillcrest Sanatorium to answer the age old question: Is there life after death? With rumours of hauntings and local children gone missing, they may just get their answer the hard way when members of the team mysteriously disappear, leaving behind unnerving evidence.

12. The Ouija Experiment (2013)

13. Dark House (2014)

1h 42m Horror Thriller

A young man sets out on a trip that takes him to an abandoned mansion that holds the origins of his dark family legacy.

14. Cassadaga (2011)

1h 48m Horror Thriller

A deaf girl attempts to contact her sister during a séance, only to connect with the ghost of a murdered woman.

15. Survival Island (2002)

1h 25m Adventure Thriller Horror

Teens trapped on an island are haunted by a demon hidden inside...a pinata.

16. The Tomb (2009)

17. The Legend of Bloody Mary (2008)

18. Death Factory (2014)

1h 20m Horror

A bus full of strangers find themselves fighting for their lives when one of them reads from an ancient Gothic tome, bringing six dead serial killers back to life, who proceed to hunt them down one by one.

19. Succubus: Hell-Bent (2007)

20. Primitive (2011)

1h 25m Horror

After being forced to visit a hypnotist, Martin receives news of his estranged mother's passing. He returns home for the funeral, and before long, people start dropping dead. The victims - brutally torn apart by what appears to be a predatory monster - convince the local police that Martin is somehow responsible, and soon he comes to believe it too, as all the victims are connected to the evil within him.


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