12 Best Movies Like Urban Cowboy ...

12 Best Movies Like Urban Cowboy ...

If you liked this movie , you will for sure love these too! In this collection we highlight some of the best films that share a very similar mood to 'Urban Cowboy', and are worth checking out.

1. Mississippi Masala (1991)

1h 58m Drama Romance

2. Falling in Love (1984)

1h 42m Drama Romance

3. The Hi-Lo Country (1998)

1h 54m Drama Action Western Romance

4. Stanley & Iris (1990)

1h 44m Drama Romance

5. Great Expectations (1998)

1h 51m Comedy Drama Romance

6. The Horse Whisperer (1998)

2h 50m Drama Romance

7. Dying Young (1991)

1h 51m Drama Romance

8. Perfect (1985)

1h 55m Drama Romance

9. Blue Sky (1994)

1h 41m Drama Romance

10. Love Story (1970)

1h 39m Drama Romance

11. The Last Tycoon (1976)

2h 3m Drama Romance

12. Staying Alive (1983)

1h 33m Drama Music


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