10 Best Kit Kat Movies ...

10 Best Kit Kat Movies ...

If you liked this film , you will probably love these too! In this collection we highlight some of the best films that share a very similar premise to 'Yellow Card', and are worth checking out.

1. Summer (2008)

2. Reckless (1984)

1h 30m Drama Romance

3. The Opposite of Sex (1997)

4. A Faithful Man (2018)

1h 15m Comedy Drama Romance

5. Little Vegas (1990)

1h 31m Romance Comedy Drama

6. The Tomorrow Man (2019)

1h 34m Drama Romance

7. The Raffle (1991)

1h 33m Drama

8. Cairo Time (2009)

1h 28m Drama Romance

9. Cute Girl (1980)

1h 30m Drama Romance

10. Garden State (2004)

1h 42m Comedy Drama Romance


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