15 Best Shows Like Ultraman ...

15 Best Shows Like Ultraman ...

If you liked this film , you will for sure love these too! In this selection we highlight some of the best films that share a very similar mood to '', and are worth checking out.

1. Destroy All Monsters (1968)

2. Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends - The Movie (2009)

3. Star Crystal (1986)

4. The Alien Factor (1978)

5. Spider-Man (1978)

6. Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack (1979)

7. Star Trek: Discovery (2017)

1h Sci-Fi & Fantasy Action & Adventure

Follow the voyages of Starfleet on their missions to discover new worlds and new life forms, and one Starfleet officer who must learn that to truly understand all things alien, you must first understand yourself.

8. Inhumans (2017)

9. Kamen Rider (1971)

30m Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy Kids

A Japanese anthology series centered around a man who transforms into a bug-themed superhero.

10. Super Monster (1980)

11. Gamera vs. the Deep Sea Monster Zigra (1971)

12. Ultraman X the Movie: Here Comes! Our Ultraman (2016)

13. Terrordactyl (2016)

14. Attack from Space (1965)


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