16 Best Caravaggio And My Mother The Pope ...

16 Best Caravaggio And My Mother The Pope ...

If you liked this movie , you will for sure love these too! In this collection we highlight some of the best films that share a very similar premise to '', and are worth checking out.

1. Private Life (2018)

2. Irreplaceable (2016)

3. Almost an Angel (1990)

4. Article 99 (1992)

5. Lucky (2017)

6. The Road to Wellville (1994)

7. The Butcher Boy (1997)

8. Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989)

1h 44m Comedy Drama

An ophthalmologist's mistress threatens to reveal their affair to his wife, while a married documentary filmmaker is infatuated by another woman.

9. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967)

1h 48m Drama

A couple's attitudes are challenged when their daughter brings home a fiancé who is black.

10. Preacherman (1971)

11. The Student Body (1976)

12. Memories of Me (1988)

13. Krystal (2017)

14. The Savages (2007)

1h 54m Drama

A sister and brother face the realities of familial responsibility as they begin to care for their ailing father.

15. The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (2014)

1h 24m Drama Comedy

After learning that a brain aneurysm will kill him in about 90 minutes, a perpetually unhappy man struggles to come to terms with his fate and make amends with everyone he has ever hurt.


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