17 Best Slutty Movies ...

17 Best Slutty Movies ...

If you liked this movie , you will probably love these too! In this collection we highlight some of the best films that share a very similar premise to '', and are worth checking out.

1. Holding Trevor (2007)

1h 28m Drama

Everybody's looking for something... Moving forward doesn't always mean leaving something behind.

2. Autoerotic (2011)

1h 12m Drama Romance

Autoerotic follows four interconnected Chicago couples as they explore the boundaries of self-pleasure and sexual exploration. Through a unique blend of outrageous comedy and in-your-face sex, Autoerotic insightfully illuminates the private sexual lives of America’s urbanites.

3. My Normal (2009)

4. Whirlwind (2007)

1h 39m Drama Romance

A hot, young and charming man with ulterior motives enters the lives of a tight-knit group of gay men in New York City and at first adds excitement and intrigue to their group, but events soon spiral out of control as he deliberately attempts to destroy their relationships.

5. Lie with Me (2005)

1h 33m Drama

Happily unattached, the sexually voracious Leila satisfies her desires with a host of rapidly changing bed partners, unconcerned about the emotional consequences. But that all changes when she meets an artist looking for a deeper commitment.

6. Diary of a Nymphomaniac (2008)

1h 42m Drama Romance

A chronicle of the life of a middle-class French girl's sexual adventures, her then fall into prostitution, and her ultimate redemption.

7. Sex and Lucia (2001)

2h 8m Drama Romance

Various lives converge on an isolated island, all connected by an author whose novel has become inextricably entwined with his own life.

8. Off Beat (2004)

9. The Ultimate Life (2013)

1h 45m Drama Romance

Despite his best intentions, billionaire Jason Stevens can’t find enough time to keep his beloved Alexia a priority. But when he discovers his late grandfather’s journal, he is transported back to Red Stevens’ incredible world. With everything he loves hanging in the balance, Jason Stevens hopes the past will prepare him well for the future.

10. The White Massai (2005)

11. Carmen (2003)

12. What If... (2012)


A rendering of Rudyard Kipling's IF, What If is a short film that tells the story of a boy who learns fundamental life lessons on nobility, patience, generosity and how to become an admirable young man.

13. Nuit #1 (2011)

14. Milan (2004)

1h 30m War & Politics Drama

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15. Take My Eyes (2003)

16. The Orgasm Diaries (2010)


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