10 Best Ab Normal College ...

10 Best Ab Normal College ...

If you liked this movie , you will for sure love these too! In this selection we highlight some of the best films that share a very similar mood to '', and are worth checking out.

1. Manay Po! 2 Overload (2008)

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2. P.R.O.F.S. (1985)

3. Serial Teachers (2013)

4. The Teacher (2017)

5. School Teacher in College (1978)

6. Suck Me Shakespeer (2013)

1h 59m Comedy

A comedy that follows an ex-con who lands a position at a school that sits over the spot where money from one of his earlier robberies was stashed.

7. Fist Fight (2017)

1h 31m Comedy

When one school teacher gets the other fired, he is challenged to an after-school fight.

8. Three O'Clock High (1987)

1h 37m Comedy

Nerdy high schooler Jerry Mitchell is assigned to write an article for the school paper about the infamous new delinquent transfer student, Buddy Revell. When Jerry accidentally invades Buddy's personal space and touches him, Buddy challenges Jerry to an afterschool fight in the parking lot, which Jerry tries to avoid at all costs.

9. Truant Heroes (1992)


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