What have movies taught us about married life? Well, most movies either stop once the couple's gotten together, and only a few have anything to tell us about what being married is really like. But is it accurate? Usually... nope! Here's how married life is totally different in real life than it is in the movies.

1. So, Sex?

In most movies, the running joke is that married people just never have sex. The hubs? He wants to. But wifey? She's not interested, ever. In real life, though, that's not usually the case: most married couples have sex about twice a week.

2. Oh Baby!

The trend over the past couple of decades has been toward women waiting longer to be married, and waiting longer to have kids -- if they decide to have kids at all. This is another stereotype in movies that just isn't like real-life... in most movies, the married couples DO have kids. Side note: the kids are usually rotten.

3. The Hen-Pecked Hubs

This is such a frustrating trope. In movies, husbands are either shown as totally in control, or totally hen-pecked, with nothing in-between. What gives? In real life, men and women who are married usually operate more like partners, rather than one person exercising more control.

4. Re-Married

It's rare to see a blended family, or a second marriage that doesn't involve a comically evil stepmother in it. In real life, though, there are loads of happy, healthy second marriages, even some with stepkids and stepmoms who -- gasp! -- love each other and get along just fine.

5. The First-year 15

Do married couples really gain loads of weight once they've said "I do"? Not anymore. More and more couples are tying the knot and keeping in shape, so that's a movie marriage myth, too.

6. Let It Go!

Look, some women (and men) may let themselves go after they've been married, but it's not exactly common enough to be so prevalent in movies. Come on!

7. The in-Laws

Can you think of any movies, especially comedies, where the in-laws were .... normal? Where the mother-in-law wasn't a meddling cow, or the father-in-law wasn't over-protective or just plain scary? In real life, of course, in-laws aren't this way.

8. The Empty Nest

So few movies even show this part of marriage at all... if a married couple DOES have kids, what happens when they leave home? I'd love to see some representation, please!

9. It's Effortless

In real life, marriage, like anything else worth having, takes a lot of work. In the movies, it's just effortless, though. Rom-coms and dramas have really, really made it look easy, and it's just really not. Sure, some days are a breeze, but then there are the days when you wonder just how long you'd actually serve in prison if you did strangle that annoying punk you married.

Can you think of any other movie marriage myths you'd like to dispel? Or are there any ways you think movies got it right?