So Bad That They're Good! 7 Awful Movies to Enjoy at Your Next Sleepover ...

So Bad That They're Good! 7 Awful Movies to Enjoy at Your Next Sleepover ...

If you don't love a so-bad-it's-good movie, then there must be something wrong with your sense of humor! And the best way to watch this kind of movie is with your friends. It's all the more enjoyable to watch them in company, as you all laugh hysterically and comment on the movie. So here are some guilty pleasures to enjoy at your next sleepover

1. Showgirls

The much-derided Showgirls is hardly Elizabeth Berkley's finest moment, but Gina Gershon is good fun as the queen of the Las Vegas stage. It makes a great sleepover movie because it's so bad, but fun at the same time. Probably most of the cast are embarrassed to be involved in Showgirls, but their movie misstep makes for some great so-bad-it's-good entertainment.

2. Chupacabra Vs the Alamo

Monster movies often provide ample material for a bad-but-good movie list, especially the ones that try to be serious. I mean, come on! How can anyone take giant bugs and monster hybrids seriously? You could pretty much take your pick of B monster movies, there are so many to choose from - so here's a gem starring Erik Estrada for you.

3. Face/off

It's really hard to take a movie seriously when it's about people swapping faces and becoming exact lookalikes of each other. So don't even try to take Face/Off seriously, and just enjoy it for the ludicrous action movie that it is. John Travolta and Nic Cage are two of the biggest hams in the business, so sit back and enjoy the explosions, car chases and terrible acting.

4. Burlesque

Christina Aguilera really should stick to what she's good at - which isn't acting. But there's still much to enjoy in this familiar tale of the small-town girl hoping to make it big in the city. And Cher's right at the top of that list. What's not to love about a movie with Cher in it?

5. Wild Wild West

So over the top it's practically in space, Wild Wild West was much derided on its release. Yes, the giant mechanical spider is ridiculous. Yes, the performances are scenery-chewing, including Kenneth Branagh (or Bran-aaaagh as the narrator of the trailer pronounces it). But it's enormous fun, and steampunk before the genre was invented.

6. Flash Gordon

This was my favorite bad-but-good movie until no 7 came along. Flash Gordon, based on the old Thirties comic strip, is magnificently camp, with its lurid costumes and pounding soundtrack from Queen. Why not have a themed sleepover, with everyone dressing up in costume and singing along?

7. Sharknado

Of course Sharknado is absurd - it's meant to be. The Asylum have upped their game with Z Nation, but made their name on producing budget parodies of blockbuster movies. Sharknado clearly wasn't meant to be anything other than a fun piece of cinematic silliness. It's gloriously entertaining from start to finish - try a double bill with the unsurprisingly-named sequel Sharknado 2.

There's definitely a place for movies that are simply entertaining, rather than trying to be great cinema. They're so much fun to watch with friends, so pick a double or triple bill for a Bad Movie Night with your pals! Get into comfortable clothes, grab some popcorn, order a pizza and have a great evening. What's your favorite baaaaaaad movie?

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