9 Marvelous Movies Set in New York ...

By Neecey

New York has been used as a filming location countless times, but what about movies set in New York itself? It is such an understatement to say that the movies set in New York are as diverse as the Big Apple itself. There’s also such a huge number of them and they cover every genre, every decade, every era and every ethnic-socio-economic group. I don’t know that I could ever produce a definitive list of movies set in new York, but I sure can share with you some of my favorites.

1 Annie Hall

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As a native New Yorker, Woody Allen regularly finds inspiration in the city for his movies, plays and writings. Annie Hall is considered his seminal piece and is one of the most iconic movies set in New York. Remembered for its filming locations and Diane Keaton’s sporting of a male suit and tie as much as for the neurotic, hopelessly romantic nerd played by Allen himself, Annie Hall was the toast of the Oscars in 1977 picking up Best Actress (Keaton), Best Director (Allen), Best Screenplay (Allen) and Best Picture. If you love the comedy of romantic clichés and haven’t seen this movie, I highly recommend you watch it. It knocks all contemporary chick flicks out the park.

2 West Side Story

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I was so torn as to which of the musical films set in New York to include – there are so many great ones to choose from. I think however, this will always be my top personal choice. Based on the world’s favourite love story, the star crossed tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is transplanted to 1950's New York and ethnic gang rivalry. Get completely drawn in to the tragic tale of Tony and Maria and be carried along on a magical musical melodrama. Sublime!

3 Ghostbusters

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Ok, hands up who doesn’t love this one! And how many of you shout out the theme tune. New York and some of its most famous attractions are the background to the crazy antics of the “Ghostbusters” who try to rid the city of some weird phenomena shit. And really, be honest, did you really see the Stay Pufft Marshmallow Man coming?

4 Wall Street

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If there’s one movie that encapsulates the pursuit of financial reward in the 1980s, it has to be Wall Street. If you’re not old enough to remember the 80s, it wasn’t all about dance movies, legwarmers, big hair and even bigger shoulder pads. The 1980s was the era of the Yuppie. It was the era of city professionals, corporate lunches, big deals and even bigger bonuses. Wall Street is the perfect portrayal of the 80’s financial dream.

5 August Rush

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I know this one is a bit out of left field but I think this is one of the under-rated movies set in New York. It’s great to put on a rainy day playlist. I like it not only because of the simple yet poignant love story, but also because it stars one of my favorite actors, Robin Williams, playing quite a creepy character in reality, and one of my current celeb crushes, Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The ever-aww-inducing Freddie Highmore plays an orphaned musical prodigy who … well I think I’ll let you watch it to find out.

6 As Good as It Gets

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Oh how I love this. I personally think that Jack Nicholson is totally immense as Mervin Udall and thoroughly deserved his Oscar for Best Actor. Helen Hunt deserved hers too and it’s a shame Greg Kinnear was nominated but didn’t win (Robin Williams got it for Good Will Hunting). I know the whole movie isn’t set in New York – the main protagonists go on a road trip to Baltimore – but essentially the story is about three very disparate and diverse New Yorkers and the circumstances that bring them together in what becomes a pseudo-symbiotic relationship. Please don’t ever miss up the chance to see this movie. It has one of the greatest lines ever. “You make me want to be a better man!”

7 Godzilla

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As one of the greatest US cities, it is only right that some of the movies set in New York are about its destruction. The poor old Big Apple does come in for a bit of a hit in disaster movies. It gets destroyed by an alien invasion in Independence Day, buried by a tidal wave created by a meteor in Deep Impact, buried in a blizzard in The Day after Tomorrow, flooded by rising sea levels and global warming in A.I. and destroyed by giant robots in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. My favorite however is the havoc wreaked by the rampaging prehistoric-type lizard created by nuclear testing that is Godzilla! Ok, so it’s not a classy film but who cares. The thought of a gigantic lizard roaming the subway and nesting in Madison Square Garden has great entertainment value, as is Jean Reno’s Elvis impression!

8 Jumpin’ Jack Flash

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I had to include this in my list of movies set in New York because, one it is! And two, none of my movie articles yet have been on a subject that allowed me to share this one with you. I never fail to laugh at this movie. Jumpin’ Jack Flash was the perfect vehicle to showcase Whoopi Goldberg’s comic talent. Even though there’s a serious and well thought out plot line, there’s high comedy value and a spy with the sexiest voice ever (Jonathan Price).

9 Once upon a Time in America

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Getting down and dirty right into the grit of gangland New York, Once Upon a Time in America is right up there with the best movies chronicling the story of just one facet of the great city. This movie about the lives of pre-prohibition Jewish hoodlums rising up the gangland hierarchy is a brutal portrayal of life on the Lower East Side. It is a visually stunning film with an epic dialogue and perfectly captures the atmosphere of the times it portrays.

There were so many other films set in New York I could have picked from chick flicks like Sex and The City and Maid in Manhattan to musicals like Guys and Dolls and classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The magnificent Big Apple is an incredible backdrop to any movie genre. What’s your favorite film set in NYC?

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