7 Films to Get You in the Christmas Spirit ...

By Ceri

With all the financial problems that come with the festive season, it can be hard to remember the joys of the holidays so if you need that comfort and joy, check out these films to get you in the Christmas spirit. Everyone has their favourite festive film but these 7 top my list, and I’m sure they’ll soon find their way to yours too! Here are my picks for the best films to get you in the Christmas spirit.

1 The Nightmare before Christmas

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Topping my list of films to get you in the Christmas spirit without a doubt is this Tim Burton classic. This musical tale gives a very non-traditional view of Christmas but hidden behind the creepy creatures and the spooky soundtrack is a strong sense of Christmas joy. The fantastical tale focuses on Jack Skellington (the Pumpkin King) who is the "Master of Fright" in Halloween Town. Despite his celebrity status, he grows weary of frightening people and is sure that there is so much more to the afterlife. His search, along with his trusted dog, Zero, leads him to stumble upon Christmas Town and a load of chaos. This is a charming tale with catchy music, and despite the unusual characters, there is a strong message of love, forgiveness and bringing joy to others. Well worth a watch!

2 Home Alone!

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Another Christmas film to banish the winter blues and remind you of the fun of Christmas has to be Home Alone! Here we follow the story of a young boy, Kevin McAlister, who feels unloved and ignored by his bustling family and ends up spending the build-up to Christmas alone in his family home. All is going well until his home becomes the next target in a string of neighbourhood robberies. With cunning and the distinct imagination of a child, he takes on the criminals in a sequence of hilarious mishaps. Kevin soon remembers the importance of family, and learns to accept and appreciate them despite their many flaws.

3 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

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Yes, I know it’s a sequel, but this film deserves a mention in its own right. Once again, Kevin McAlister finds himself alone in the lead up to Christmas, but this time, in a luxury New York hotel – with his father’s credit card. Macaulay Culkin gives another adorable and memorable portrayal of this mischievous little guy. Following a similar premise, Kevin finds himself in an epic battle with the bad guys! Just as funny and charming as the first, with one extra added element. Kevin forms a relationship with a social outcast, bringing to light another festive sentient – good will to all.

4 Love Actually

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Any film with Hugh Grant busting a move around 10 Downing Street to the oh-so-brilliant sounds of the Pointer Sisters is a film worth watching. Not convinced? The stellar cast should tempt you too, which includes: Colin Firth, Liam Neeson and Emma Thompson. The film focuses on many stories, all intertwining with one common theme: love. Well, that and Christmas of course. This charming film catalogues all types of love, including unrequited, married, extra-marital, impractical, family and so much more. It’s charming, funny and real. It will put a smile on your face and make you appreciate those you love.

5 The Holiday

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Another festive love film is The Holiday, starring one of my personal favourites, Kate Winslet. Winslet plays a slightly pathetic, love-sick singleton desperate to escape the festive season after discovering that the object of her obsession is now engaged to another woman. Cameron Diaz plays a high-flying LA movie producer who has everything she could ever want – except love. These unlikely two agree to switch homes in a bid to escape their miserable reality. Once they do so, the people they meet help them find happiness. Despite the cliché love interests, there is one relationship formed that is truly moving – the relationship Iris (Winslet) forms with her lonely elderly neighbour. This genuine, heart-warming friendship between Iris and Arthur can make even the coldest Christmas heart melt. A lovely rom-com, perfect for Christmas or any other time you find yourself in need of a pick-me-up!

6 Elf

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This Christmas comedy starring Will Ferrell as a giant elf is sure to put a smile on your face! Buddy has always been an outsider in the elf community due to his abnormally large, human physique. On his journey to find his roots, Buddy finds himself in the cynical life of the humans where his innocence and Christmas joy is misunderstood and unappreciated. It’s not long before Buddy starts to stand out in the human world too, forcing the Christmas spirit into the lives of those around him. It’s hilarious too!

7 Jingle All the Way

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Now, this film is hardly an Academy Award Winner, but it’s so much fun and, for sure a film to get you in the Christmas spirit! The premise is simple: two dads struggle to get their hands on a sold out action figure for their kids – on Christmas Eve. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a workaholic father, goes head to head with a postal worker, both desperate to prove themselves to their families. The film is based on the real-life panic felt by parents all around the world when the "it" toy is sold out in the run up to Christmas! This panic leads to all sorts of ridiculously improbable situations, which despite their stupidity are hilarious. An easy watch to make light of what can be a difficult problem!

I know that I will be watching all seven of these films to get my festive juices flowing. I especially like watching The Holiday and Love Actually, with a glass of wine whilst wrapping Christmas presents for the people I love. What is your favourite Christmas film?

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