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If you are looking for a movie for you and your man to watch together, take a look at the following list. I have 7 romantic movies guys dig listed below and gave a little blurb about each one for you. I know most guys go for action movies filled with gun fights, car chases, and things of that sort, but I bet you can get your guy to hang out just for a while and watch at least a couple of the following movies with you.

7 Shallow Hal

Jack Black portrays a guy, Hal, who only looks at a woman on the outside. He doesn’t care what her personality is like if the outside doesn’t give way to a physically beautiful woman. Hal becomes trapped in an elevator with Tony Robbins, who hypnotizes Hal so that he will see a woman for her inner beauty, instead of only focusing on the outer appearance. Well, Hal meets Rosemary, who is played by Gwyneth Paltrow and falls head over heals for her. Rosemary is used to guys avoiding her, due to her obesity and thinks that Hal is only pretending to like her. Eventually Hal is awakened from his hypnosis and is only able to see what women look like on the outside once again. I won’t spoil the ending, just in case you haven’t seen it. Most guys dig films that Jack Black is in, so I’m sure you’ll find your man will enjoy this one.

6 Blast from the past

I know quite a few guys who like this movie. It’s a sweet romantic movie about a guy who is trapped under ground with his parents for 35 years. Actually his dad moved into the underground shelter he had built because he thought a nuclear war had begun and took his then pregnant wife with him, thus Adam – who is played by Brendan Fraser – was born underground. After 35 years has passed, the underground shelter unlocks and Adam is sent into the world to bring back supplies. He meets Eve – played by Alicia Silverstone – and eventually falls in love with her. There are lots of parts in between the meeting of Adam and Eve, as well as after they meet, but you’ll just have to watch it to see the ending.

5 Princess Bride

This flick is filled with action, adventure, humor, romance, and a great cast of characters. It’s basically a story that viewers get to witness as a movie, as it is being read to a little boy by his grandfather. There are pirates, giants, rodents of unusual size, torture, sword fights, princesses, princes, magic, action, and romance. It is extremely humorous and one of the best movies that Andre the Giant was ever in.

4 There’s Something about Mary

Ben Stiller plays Ted Stroehmann who finally gets a date for prom with the girl of his dreams, Mary Jensen. Cameron Diaz plays Mary. Ted and Mary don’t get to go to prom because Ted has an accident with his pants zipper and ends up in the hospital. After this highly embarrassing situation, the movie flashes forward 13 years and shows that Ted is still in love with Mary. He hires a private detective to find out where Mary is after all this time, with much success. There is one thing after another and most parts make you cringe either due to pain or embarrassment or both, like many other Ben Stiller movies.

3 Fever Pitch

This is another movie directed by the Ferrelly brothers. Number 2 on this list was also directed by these two guys. There is a combination of romance and sports in this flick, which tends to draw guys in enough to allow them to enjoy this film. Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon meet and eventually start attending Red Sox games together after Ben (Fallon’s character) decides to ask Lindsey (Barrymore) to the home opener of the Red Sox. Long story short, Ben falls for Lindsey, but won’t go with her to Paris because he’ll miss a Red sox game against the Yankees. The ending is fantastic and perfect at the same time!

2 50 First Dates

I’m a huge fan of Drew Barrymore and thankfully so is my husband. We actually own this movie and have seen it numerous times. My husband is very choosy about his movies, so for him to like a movie about dating and love that doesn’t also involve dramatic action sequences definitely says something for the film. Of course, Adam Sandler is in this movie as well, so that was another reason my husband agreed to watch this with me…the first time. Henry Roth (Sandler) is determined to make Lucy Whitmore (Barrymore) fall in love with him. The hard part is dealing with Lucy’s inability to remember even meeting Henry once she goes to sleep. This is such a cute movie and shows true determination in pursuing the one you love.

1 True Romance

Don’t let the title fool you. This is a Quentin Tarantino movie, so you have to expect some fight scenes and gore. There is a great cast in this movie; Brad Pitt, Chris Penn, Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Christopher Walken, and Dennis Hopper. There are other famous people as well, but I can’t name them all! To try and sum up the movie, Clarence Worley (Slater) and Alabama Whitman (Arquette) meet at a movie theater, get married the following day, kill a couple of bad guys, and accidentally end up with a suitcase full of cocaine. The movie keeps going after this and involves gun fights, confrontations with gangsters, and plenty of other action. Of course there is always the underlying romance going on between Clarence and Alabama, which is how this move even made this list. Guys who like action movies probably won’t even notice the romance part!

Out of these 7 romantic movies guys dig, hopefully you can find one to entertain your man. I think that most guys will watch these flicks at lest once with you. What types of romantic movies have you noticed that guys tend to be drawn to?

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