7 Common Dreams and What They Could Mean ...

By Sheila

I have to admit that the inspiration for this post came from my recent most favorite movie : Inception. It got me thinking about all things dreams and if they are just little movies that play in your head when you're fast asleep or do they have a deeper meaning and significance in our lives? So I delved a little more into the world of dream interpretation, to look for meanings of common dreams that we all have at some point or the other and here's what I found...

1 Falling/Rotting Teeth

Falling/Rotting TeethPhoto Credit:sappymoosetree

I have to admit that as far as I consciously remember, I have never had this dream though I may have dreamt of going bald more than once. Not a pretty picture! Teeth represent your physical appearance and also play a very important role in the game of flirting. The hottie at the gym isn't going to be blown away by a set of rotting teeth, is he now? (Yikes!)

What it means: It may mean that you are not completely confident of your physical appearance or that you are afraid of growing old or of rejection from the opposite sex. Since we also use our teeth to bite, tear and chew, their loss could also signify that you feel like you've lost power in a situation or that you can't get your point through to someone, like perhaps a thick-headed co-worker?

2 Lost or Trapped

Lost or TrappedPhoto Credit:Loredana Guinicelli

Have you ever had dreams where you've been lost in some sort of a maze? Perhaps a confusing city or building that you just can't seem to find your way out of or seen yourself trapped under a rubble unable to move? It is terrifying and not to mention, claustrophobic.

**What it means: I**t simply means that you feel the same way in real life. Trapped and frustrated because you can't seem to make the right decisions or find your way out of a difficult situation.

3 Being Chased

Being ChasedPhoto Credit: provincijalka

Ever dreamt of being frantically chased by an unknown figure, human or otherwise? There's nothing quite as frightening, I assure you. But what deep-rooted meaning could it have?

**What it means: T**here's a problem that you need to confront but you choose to run away from it instead. The closer your chaser is, the bigger the problem is and that means it is not going anywhere until you turn around, look it in the face and get rid of it. It could also simply mean that you are afraid of being attacked.

4 Failing a Test

Failing a TestPhoto Credit: Fernando Gregory

Tests are hard enough in real life and they don't get any easier in dreams. Have you ever dreamt of failing a test because you either didn't make it on time, didn't study enough (sounds like me in real life), forgot a pen, didn't finish the test on time etc.?

**What it means: I**t simply indicates a lack of confidence to live up to other's expectations of you. I have a friend who had such dreams constantly a month before she was about to start a new job. Why? Because she was worried about not being good enough for the new job. It could also signify a fear of not being accepted or being unprepared for a challenge or an upcoming event.

5 Public Nudity

Public NudityPhoto Credit:ladybugrock

I was at a friend's wedding last year, dressed in a beautiful coral dress one moment and suddenly the next moment, I was buck naked! Oh no! What happened to the dress I was wearing? Everyone's glaring at me! This is a nightmare! I woke up embarrassed and sweaty but mostly grateful that it was indeed just a nightmare. Phew!

**What it means: **It could mean that you are trying to be someone you're not, to impress people because you are secretly afraid they wont like the real you. On the contrary, if you show no embarrassment after being caught naked, it means that you have nothing to hide and that you are proud of who you are.

6 Flying

FlyingPhoto Credit: Anna Theodora

I've had a few of these myself and gosh it is the most amazing kind of dream to have! Flying dreams usually indicate a good thing. Ah finally, a happy dream!

**What it means: **It means that you are rising above the obstacles in life to actually achieve your goals. If however, you have difficulty flying or come across too many hindrances in flight, it simply means something or someone (in all possibility yourself) is what's stopping you from getting to your goals.

7 Falling

FallingPhoto Credit: Anna Theodora

I'm sure everyone has dreamt of falling and waking up just as you're about to hit the ground. Some people actually believe that if you don't wake up before you hit the ground, you're going to die. Of course, unless I am writing this from beyond the grave, THAT is just an urban legend.

**What it means: **It simply means that you are anxious and feel like you have lost your foothold over some situation in your life. Dreams of drowning also signify the same thing. Maybe, it's time to catch life by the reins and get it under control again.

I'm sure we've all had these dreams, some more often than the others. Remember, dreams usually are a manifestation of our deepest fears and desires. If you see yourself dreaming about something more often than you like, it means that you need to pay attention to something in your real life. The human mind is truly amazing, isn't it? What are the dreams you have most often and have you found out what they symbolize?

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