Ever wondered why more women watch true crime TV than men? I love watching true crime television shows. One of my favorites is Web of Lies, a series that unravels tragic stories of deception and manipulation triggered by online interactions. Why am I so fascinated with this genre? Well, according to Criminologist Scott Bon, it might have something to do with a wider fascination with violence in general. People are drawn in by the dramatic spectacle of mayhem and find it difficult to look away. There must be some type of emotional pull toward these incredible stories about criminal behavior.

Studies have found that women are much more likely to be fans of true crime shows than men. Here are some reasons why more women watch true crime TV than men.

1. They Teach Survivor Skills

Women pay attention to anything that can help them increase their ability to survive. Understanding and being aware of danger decreases the odds of becoming a victim. This is one of the top reasons why more women watch true crime TV than men.

2. A Chance to Tap into Fantasies of Revenge

Women have a lot of untapped hostility, and true crime allows them to channel rage by living vicariously through female killers.

3. Attraction to the Dark Side

Many of the characters featured in these dramas appear to be typical friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors. But they are not. Women want to understand the dark side of regular people.

4. Like Feeling Scared

These shows trigger fear. And they are sources of popular culture entertainment that allow women to experience horror in a controlled environment.

5. Form of Therapy

Exposure to criminal activity can reduce the effects of fear triggers. For many women, watching true crime shows help ease anxiety.