Whether you grew up watching Friends or are just now discovering them, this's the best show out there. I watched them during their original debut and have recently fallen in love with them all over again through the magic of Netflix. This wildly popular show has gained newfound fame as a younger generation is discovering them. These're 7 specific reasons why you need to check out Friends for yourself. You'll soon agree this show is the best show out there.

1. It's Hilariously Funny

Friends can be hilariously funny. If you need a laugh then this show will deliver. I've honestly laughed until I've cried at the humor this show provides. My two personal favorite episodes when it comes to laughs are The One With Chandler In A Box and The One Where Emma Cries. No matter what type of day you had, Friends will cheer you up with their funny storylines.

2. It's Inspires You to Be a Better Friend

Besides getting some great comedy, there're deeper messages to take away from this show. The friendship between Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, Joey, Monica and Rachel is so inspirational. You want to be part of a friend group like that after watching this show. It can inspire you to be the best friend that you can be to your group of pals. Inspiration to be a better friend and appreciate the amazing friends you're blessed with is another reason this's the best show out there.

3. The Friends Cast is so Lovable

Simply put, it's easy to love the cast of Friends. How could you not? It's easy to have at least one favorite of the bunch. My favorites are Rachel and Joey and yes, I was so Team Joey! The characters have such unique but realistic personalities.

4. You'll Identify with at Least One of Them

Chances are, you'll identify with at least one character on Friends. Although my favorites are Rachel and Joey, I'm sadly most like Monica. I have her super organized, carefully structured way of handling life which is quite responsible but not such a fun trait. The characters are extremely relatable. You'll probably be identify with at least one of them.

5. It's Cheap Therapy

Need to get your mind off your problems for awhile? Watching Friends is a great way to do that. Each show is a 20 minute break from life. Take in one show or a few and you'll feel a lot better. It's helpful to have a great show to take your mind off your troubles.

6. It's Incredibly Fun to Look Back at the Fashion, Hair and Beauty Trends

If you're old enough to have watched Friends the first go round then you'll love watching it again for this reason. It's fun to look back at the fashion, hair and beauty trends. It can bring back memories of wearing those same them yourself. T-necklaces, bibs, the Rachel , brown lippies and platform flip-flops are some things most of us wore back then. It's entertaining to see what we found fashionable years ago.

7. Squad Goals

Lastly, Friends can give you some great squad goals. Watching the show can make you more devoted to your friend group. You may find yourself suggesting vacationing together, having a friendsgiving or trying out being roommates. In this day and time, our squads are extremely important to us. This show reminds us just why they matter so much.

These're 7 great reasons to watch Friends. Do you love this show? What's your favorite episode or season?