The best silent movies are still popular and entertaining almost a century after they were made. If you think silent films are boring, then I recommend that you watch some of the following movies, which are great! I love silent movies, and I doubt that many newer films will still be watched in 100 years time. So here are some fantastic silent movies you should see - don't miss them!

1. The Kid

You can't possibly compile a list of essential silent movies and not include at least one of Charlie Chaplin's works! The Kid is one of his best, and that's saying something considering the quality of his creations. If you haven't already seen this silent film, then you are in for a treat. I really do recommend it.

2. Safety Last

Harold Lloyd may not be quite as enduring or famous as Chaplin, but his films are still among the best silent movies. Safety Last includes a scene which you may be familiar with, even if you haven't seen the entire movie. If you don't know the scene I'm referring to, then watch the movie - you'll soon spot it.

3. The Sheik

If you think that girls are crazy about Twilight, you should have been around in the 1920s! Today's frenzied fans have nothing on Rudolph Valentino's followers, who threw hysterics at his funeral. So if you want to see what all the fuss was about, check out this slightly cheesy (by modern standards) but fun film.

4. Pandora's Box

Many of the best silent movies were serious films rather than comedies. This stunning film shows why Louise Brooks was such a star in the 1920s, with her enchanting performance as Lulu. Brooks' bob became an iconic haircut that is still imitated today.

5. The Thief of Bagdad

If you like fantasy stories then you'll enjoy this Arabian Nights tale. Douglas Fairbanks was something of an early action hero, already famous for Zorro and Robin Hood. The effects are actually pretty good - the flying carpet is fun - considering the film's early date. If you're a cinema buff, put this near the top of the list of silent movies you should see, just to compare.

6. Intolerance

This movie is about exactly what the title says. It examines four different stories of intolerance throughout history. The film is certainly rather long, and requires a lot of attention, given that it cuts back and forth between the four stories. However, it's a deservedly renowned and innovative piece of film making.

7. Sunrise

Some of the best silent movies were made by German-speaking directors such as Fritz Lang, GW Pabst, and the director of Sunrise, FW Murnau. Sunrise is regarded by many aficionados of cinema as one of the most stunning silent films. Check it out for yourself and see if you agree.

8. Greed

Have you ever thought that it would be nice to win the lottery? We all think that at times - but sometimes it can be less delightful than you think. Having too much money can actually ruin your life, as this movie warns, so be careful what you wish for

Silent films really are worth discovering, as there are many fantastic films in the genre. The comedies generally aren't very subtle, but are immensely entertaining, and there are some stunning dramas. So don't be put off by the lack of sound, and you will discover some amazing films. What do you consider to be the best silent movies - do you prefer comedies or dramas?