Surprisingly, there are SO many TV spin-offs that people have forgotten all about. I'm a huge TV lover and I didn't even know half of the series on this list even existed! LOL. It's a strange thing with TV; sometimes things work and sometimes things don't. Often times, producers try to spin shows off the most popular ones but if it can't live up to the original, it probably isn't going to find much success. Check out some of the TV spin-offs that you probably have already forgotten about:

1. The Golden Palace

Did you know that "The Golden Girls" had a spin-off series?! Yeah, me either. The spin-off was titled "The Golden Palace" and it picked up right where the original series left off. It features Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche as they invest in a Miami hotel. I mean, I'm a HUGE Golden Girls fan but I had no idea this even existed. Did you watch it? This is just one of many TV spin-offs you probably forgot about or didn't know was a thing.

2. Law & Order: Trial by Jury

There are many loyal Law & Order fans out there but did you know about this show? Law & Order's third spin-off, "Law & Order: Trial By Jury" was a show that focused on both the prosecution and defense's preparation for a criminal trial. It started in 2005 and lasted only one season. That's probably why you don't remember a thing about it!

3. Joey

That's right, guys. Joey Tribbiani had a spin-off show. The aptly-titled show followed Joey to Los Angeles, where he continued his goal of becoming a successful actor. I'm obsessed with "Friends" and Joey Tribbiani was one of my favorite characters on TV but this spin-off series doesn't ring any bells to me. I was, however, a fan of Matt LeBlanc's "Episode" series on Showtime!

4. Time of Your Life

This series was a spin-off of FOX's "Party of Five." It followed Sarah (Jennifer Love Hewitt), who was Bailey's "Party of Five" girlfriend, to New York City where she went to search for her biological parents and, in turn, find herself. Aside from Jennifer Love-Hewitt, it also featured Jennifer Garner, who played Sarah's roommate, Romy.

5. Models Inc

This "Melrose Place" spin-off only lasted one season. It focused on the drama that was surrounding Amanda Woodward's (Heather Locklear) mother's modeling agency. Were you a fan of Melrose Place and/or its spin-off series?

6. Baywatch Nights

Baywatch's spin-off series lasted two seasons. David Hasselhoff reprised his role as Mitch Buchannon and joined Sgt. Garner Ellerbee (Gregory Alan Williams) at his detective agency. I actually thought this show would be a bit more popular!

7. The Finder

Are you a fan of FOX's series, "Bones"? Well, did you know it had a spin-off series? "The Finder" followed a war vet named Walter Sherman (played by Geoff Stults) who suffers a brain injury. That injury then allowed him to see connections and patterns that others couldn't. The character of Walter was introduced in the 6th season of "Bones," but "The Finder" only lasted one season.

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many TV spin-offs that have fallen into TV abyss. Do you remember any of these shows? Can you think of any other TV spin-offs that others have probably forgotten about already?