There are a million reasons to love Awkward. Whether it's the characters, the writing, or the humor, there's something for everyone that watches it. Usually I'm not really into MTV shows, but this one is just so great that I couldn't help it! Let's check out some reasons to love Awkward and why you should start watching it if you don't already.

1. Relatable

Maybe this isn't a show relatable to everyone, but if you're in high school or remember high school, then you'll love this show. There's a lot of things that you'll roll your eyes at, but there are times you'll think about how you've felt that way at one time or knew someone that did. There are people fighting with body issues, relationship issues, problems with parents, teachers, and friends. What's more relatable than that? There are a lot of reasons to love Awkward, but this is definitely one of the top reasons.

2. Character Growth

From the first episode until now, you can see significant growth with all of the characters. Of course, they're still high school students so there's only so much they're going to mature, but they really have grown up throughout the episodes. The characters are coming into their own thanks to both the writers and the actors.

3. Funny

If you love sarcasm, then you'll love this show. The characters in Awkward are funny, witty, and snarky teenagers that don't really have filters. They all have something about them that will make us laugh, including their own personalities and their own senses of humor. I love a sarcastic comment and this show is full of them.

4. Eye Candy

The people on this show are really good looking. Maybe this isn't a reason to watch this show, but it sure doesn't hurt! Sure, there are better reasons to watch a TV show, but this show is centered around relationships so the way they look kind of matters. It doesn't matter if you like guys or girls because they are all good looking.

5. Fun Cliches

There are a ton of cliches in Awkward. There's the mean cheerleader, the hot jock with a heart of gold, the unpopular teen who doesn't know who she is, and a ton more. They're fun because in a way they're predictable and you kind of know what you're getting into. The best part is when the characters do something to break the cliche and you see something different from them.

6. Tamara

Yes, she gets a section all her own because I absolutely adore her. Tamara is definitely one of the funniest characters in the show. She has her own Tamaraisms that I may or may not use in my own vocabulary sometimes. She also is able to snap herself out of moments where she's acting kind of dumb or irrational. She's a great friend and a great character.

7. Val

Another character to get her own spot on the list! I was trying so hard to pick one of the many reasons and a friend reminded me of this gem. Val is the guidance counselor at the high school in Awkward and she is hilarious. She's a little inappropriate, goofy, and all around just super funny. She's definitely a highlight of watching the show.

Awkward is a great show for so many reasons! Obviously the list goes on and I could be more specific, but I think this covers all of the bases. Do you disagree? Why do you love Awkward?