7 Reasons Andy Dwyer Should Be Making Your Life Decisions ...

7 Reasons Andy Dwyer Should Be Making Your Life Decisions ...

For those who watch Parks & Recreation, you know that Andy Dwyer has all the answers. He'd make the perfect life coach. I mean, his life is pretty darn good don't you think? He's got so many good things about him that we should all emulate. Here are some of my reasons why you should be trusting Andy Dwyer to make all your future life decisions.

1. He's an Optimist

Andy Dwyer never sees the bad. Like, ever. He's like a serial optimist! I think my favorite moment where he shows his optimism is when April is all "Someone is going to die..." and Andy screams out, "Of fun!" Oh, Andy. He always knows how to diffuse any awkward situation by saying something hilarious, which usually ends up making things even more awkward. He'll teach you how to stop being a pessimist, and start seeing the good things in everything!

2. He's Spontaneous

If you're tired of being stuck in a boring ol' routine, Andy Dwyer will snap you out of this. He's all about spontaneity. He'll start any activity by saying "I cannot emphasize how little we thought about this." That's a beautiful trait though! He does whatever feels good to him. If that leads to outrageous adventures, then so be it!

3. He Could Name Your Band

Leave it up to Andy Dwyer to come up with an awesome band name for you. I mean, he's gone through so many names already for his own band. Each one better than the last one! Some of the names included "mouse rat", "rad wagon", and "scarecrow boat." I mean, you can't hate the name if you love the music, right? This is definitely the way to go.

4. He Knows the Importance of a Balanced Diet

For those who know Andy Dwyer, you know that his favorite food is butter. He'll make sure that you get your daily dose of it. It's up to you to know when to quit! Or, you can just spend the day pigging out with him.

5. He's an Undercover Fbi Agent

No more need to fear. If you're ever in trouble, Bert Macklin is there to back you up. He's with the FBI. Now you don't have to worry about anything. He'll get you into some pretty wacky situations but he'll also help get you out of it.

6. He's Nice to Everyone

Andy Dwyer is nothing but nice to everyone. He even apologizes to the floor, for stepping on it. I mean, how precious is that? Andy is super friendly. If he's your life coach, he'll help you learn how to be just as nice as he is. That'll definitely take some training.

7. He Knows the Value of Self-confidence

Andy Dwyer would never let you be self-conscious about something because he knows you're the best. Therefore, he's going to be scream it out at you at any opportunity that he is. I'm sure it'd be nice to have someone running behind you letting you know how great you are!

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many reasons why Andy Dwyer should be making all your life decisions. It's not too late to make him your personal life coach! All you have to do is watch the Parks & Recreation series. Trust me, you'll learn a whole lot. What do you love most about Andy?

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