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By Jelena

Interesting new action movies are definitely something that could make you say, “I’m glad it’s 2011!” but wait until you check out the cast list- now, if that doesn’t make this year sweet for you, I don’t know what will! Yup, just think of your fav eye candy, and you can rest assured he’s there and I’m talking everybody girls, from popular ones like Daniel Craig and Vin Diesel to Jason Momoa, the hot, silent bully we had a chance to see in Stargate Atlantis. The list you’re about to read might be a bit too girly but it sure is useful because it contains 8 new action movies that are either available on DVD, in cinemas or are about to be released this summer:

1 Fast Five

Woo-hoo! Vin Diesel and the fifth sequel of Fast and Furious – it doesn’t get any better than that! The official release date was April 29th, which still makes it a nice, up-to-date watch that is bound to make your blood run faster. Expect nothing less than standard, mind blowing Fast and Furious action, Vin in his best shape (yummy!!) and…. (drum roll) Brazil, where most of the action takes place.

2 Pirates of the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides

Captain Jack Sparrow is back and, this time, he's on the mission to find the Fountain of Youth. Now, if you’ve watched at least one sequel I’m sure you KNOW just how interesting things around Jack Sparrow always get, so I don’t need to be telling you reasons to watch it. I do, however, have some good news for all the Penelope Cruz fans so, ladies and gents, prepare to see your fav celeb!

3 Green Lantern

If you just happen to be a Ryan Reynolds fan on a lookout for new action movies to enjoy this summer, I have some great news for you – expect to see your favorite star playing a superhero role this June! The source of his superpowers aren’t creepy bugs or nocturnal animals but a ring instead, so, before you start thinking “Lord of The Rings,” let me just tell you this movie is definitely not anything of that kind. The superhero played by Ryan Reynolds is actually a test pilot and a pretty normal guy whose life turns upside-down the moment he receives a ring from an alien. There you go, that’s what you get for not listening to your parents when they told you that you shouldn’t take things from strangers.

4 The Eagle

But, what about Channing Tatum, ladies? Don’t you miss this eye-candy? Well, you’ll have a chance to see his name on the cast list for one of the hottest new action movies presented in February this year. Don’t expect any dancing, though, as Mr. Tatum plays the role of a Roman soldier whose quest involves things like clearing his father’s name, returning the lost symbol, confronting savages and pretty much everything you’d expect from a trip with such a dangerously-appealing name. “Quest…” – it does sound kind of scary. Doesn’t it?

5 Drive Angry

If assassins, hostage situations, dark cults and ”hardened criminal and a hot babe working in tandem” stereotypes are your idea of good action, definitely check out this movie because you’ll get to enjoy all that! The clock is ticking again but fear not, as Nicholas Cage has more than 60 seconds to do his thing and save the day this time. Lovely Piper, played by Amber Heard, will join him in his mission to save his daughter from the cult mentioned previously but, in order to do that, they must go through a series of dangerous stuff. Nothing but hard action, baby!

6 Cowboys and Aliens

For me, every unwatched movie is basically a new movie but, since this is a post about new action movies only, here’s one we’re yet to see. I must admit I’m looking forward to seeing Daniel Craig in chaps but… Cowboys and Aliens? Seriously? Isn’t there something like, I don’t know, a rule that says western movies and science fiction aren’t supposed to be mixed? Anyways, let’s just presume both Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford knew what they were getting into and hope the “sheriff and criminal reunite to fight the aliens” plot isn’t as weird as it sounds.

7 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

I’m not sure if this falls under the category of action movies but I’m sure looking forward to seeing it and, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, I’m sure you are to! The final battle is about to take place and, if the rumors are true, we might even get to see it in 3D! Now, wouldn’t that be awesome? I’ll skip the plot summaries because I’m sure you already know what to expect and advise you to be patient because July 15th sounds pretty good to me!

8 Conan the Barbarian

This year is a wonderful one indeed! But seriously now – every movie has at least one smoking hot guy either wearing a formfitting superhero outfit or a loincloth! Well, this August, the loincloth in question will be worn by no other but Jason Momoa, the Stargate Atlantis hottie I love, love, love! I bet he’ll do a great job and the plot… well, we’ll just have to wait and see. There will be plenty of action and some romance too, so I’m definitely going to watch it.

I know, I know – I’ve failed to mention a whole bunch of other new action movies! You must forgive me, ladies, as listing them all would make this post too long and maybe even too boring. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pitch in too. So, tell me – is there a special, very interesting movie you’d like to add?

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