A great movie can really be spoiled by its ending. I really don't like being left hanging with unanswered questions questions that never get answered because there's no sequel. And then there are those that end improbably and leave you feeling shortchanged. These are among my movies ruined by uncanny endings. I wonder if you agree with me.
(p.s. contains spoilers)

1. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

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Everything about the movie is interesting. For many, it is a domestic drama and a short-lived futuristic noir, while others find it an on-the-nose fairy tale adventure. Then it never stops until a plot twist that takes David (Haley Joel Osment) into the future. You can take it as a thought-provoking conclusion, but it leaves viewers wondering as if the film wants to be somber or sentimental.

2. The Devil's Advocate (1997)

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No one can argue the fact that Al Pacino is a bantamweight Beelezebub with exceptional comic timing. He is great in the movie, and so is the lanky, liquid-eyed Keanu Reeves. And of course, Charlize Theron gives a great performance as Mary Ann. Overall, it is a great supernatural/demonic drama set in real world New York. In the climax though, Kevin (Keanu Reeves) destroys his father's plan, but the story doesn't end here. It rewinds to the film's first scenes without giving any explanation. The ending turns the whole movie into a rather confusing morality tale, which is the real glitch in the plot.

3. The Wolverine (2013)

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Director James Mangold has made this film entertaining and interesting with some breathtakingly suspenseful action sequences. The plot works great in the start and tactfully blurs lines between monster, beast, and man. The climax is not that interesting though and involves a fight between the Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and an enormous Admantium samurai. Instead of being an act involving drama and urban martial art action that prevails throughout the first couple of acts, the third act, as well as the climax, descends into the far-fetched comic book world and makes it lose its credibility.

4. The Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King (2003)

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It's a surprise entry, isn't it? Many find this movie a cinematic feat that excites your senses and pops your eyes with scenes of startling emotion. The ending is dragged though and takes about 45 minutes after the movie climax to end. It's definitely among the list of great movies ruined to some extent by a boring and unnecessary and if I may say it, directorially indulgent, ending.

5. I Am Legend (2007)

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It's a great movie that is more of an intelligent and somewhat sentimental exploration of human responsibility that highlights the limits of faith and rationality. Will Smith as Robert Neville tries to find a cure for a disease. The ending is rather confusing and annoying though the main character ignores all the evidence, gives a "cure" to fellow survivors and then bombs everything else. It's an odd ending for sure, especially considering the interesting build-up.

6. High Tension (2003)

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Horror movie fans know enough to make right calls about who's going to be the killer in the end. The plots are usually the same it could be the best friend, another lovable loser, or even a group of cannibal hill people. To make their movies better, horror filmmakers have delved into giving twist endings, but that really didn't work for High Tension, a flick about a weekend trip going wrong. The film works great until you reach the twist ending that tells it was all about the split personality of our main character in the film. The ending is implausible and doesn't work when you take it in High Tension's context, thus leaves viewers annoyed, not enlightened.

7. No Country for Old Men (2007)

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The movie digs deeper into the unfathomable depths of evil and asks existential questions about the future of the humanity. It does everything to take your breath away, but the final 5 minutes spoil it all. Unfortunately, there's no real closure at all and the film leaves you wondering what might have happened to Josh Brolins' wife or to the villain. Tommy Lee Jones' statement at the end is confusing too.

Do you agree with my choices? Which other movies could have had better endings in your opinion?