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11 Best movies like Washington Square

1. Untamed Heart (1993)

Stream it on Max Go, Cinemax Amazon Channel

2. Chocolate (2000)

Stream it on DIRECTV, Netflix

3. The Man in the Moon (1991)

4. Little Women (2017)

Stream it on Starz, Starz Play Amazon Channel, DIRECTV

5. Becoming Jane (2007)

Stream it on HBO Go, HBO Now, HBO Now Amazon Channel, HBO Max

6. What a Girl Wants (2003)

Stream it on Netflix

7. Holidaze (2013)

Stream it on HBO Go, Hulu

8. Dying Young (1991)

9. The Family Stone (2005)

Stream it on DIRECTV, HBO Now, HBO Go, HBO Max, HBO Now Amazon Channel

10. Anne of Avonlea (1987)

11. Love Finds A Home (2009)