Looking Forward to Robin Williams' Future Films ...

Looking Forward to Robin Williams' Future Films ...

With the world recently rocked by news of Robin Williams' untimely death, it seems like an opportune time to look to the future. Fans of the actor's immense talent, on-point humor, gift for the dramatic, and huge, generous heart will no doubt be pleased to know that in the coming months, there are four new movies to look forward to. Most of them are brand new, but at least one brings back a beloved character.

That would be Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. Robin played Teddy Roosevelt in the Museum franchise, and it will definitely be a treat to see him dispensing wisdom and presidential hilarity on the big screen again. Slated for a December release, it's sure to make fans feel a warm sense of nostalgia. Two other films are lower-budget, and a little more indie-friendly. In Merry Friggin' Christmas, a comedy, Williams will play dad to Joel McHale's character. I'm excited for the film simply based on the title! Boulevard, which premiered in April at the Tribeca Film Festival, is a drama, co-starring Bob Odenkirk aka Saul from Breaking Bad. We'll also get to hear some more voice work, courtesy of Absolutely Anything, a live-action movie that stars Simon Pegg alongside Kate Beckinsale. Robin does the voice of a talking dog.

It's great to know we have so many performances to look forward to. What's your favorite Robin Williams film? Mine is actually Death to Smoochy, because I loved seeing his darker side, although The World According to Garp is a close second.

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