I totally remember spending my childhood watching Disney Channel original movies! I think the movies were very well made. However, the Disney Channel original movies now a days... ehh. Am I right, or...? Here's a list of some great DCOMs that you probably forgot about! No worries though, I'm sure they're all available online somewhere!

1. Pixel Perfect

This movie premiered in 2004 and actually had some really catchy music! It starred Ricky Ullman (from Phil of the Future) and Leah Pipes. It tells the story of sixteen-year-old Roscoe (Ullman) trying to help his best friend Samantha (Pipes) and her band, the Zetta Bytes. Despite her awesome vocals and guitar skills, she just doesn't have the pop star factor. So, Roscoe uses his dad's holographic equipment to create a human hologram named Loretta to dance and be the face of the band. It's actually really interesting and had some cool music, it might be one of my favorite Disney Channel original movies!

2. You Wish!

This movie was released in 2003! It starred A.J Trauth, Spencer Breslin, and Lalaine (all major stars at the time!). It was about a boy named Alex Lansing (Trauth) who was always annoyed by his little brother, Stevie (Breslin). When Stevie finds a magical coin that'll grant a wish, he gives it to his brother. Alex wishes that he never had a little bro, and when he woke up the next morning, his wish had come true! The movie shows the ups and downs of brotherhood and how family truly matters!

3. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Woah.. this movie came out in 1999! That's crazy. It was such a cool movie though. I mean, a girl living up in space? My six year old self loved the whole concept of it. Not to mention, the awesome song Zoom. I'm sharing this video with you all just so you can have stuck in your head. You're welcome.

4. Stepsister from Planet Weird

Who remembers this movie?! It aired in the summer of 2000. It was about a girl named Megan Larson, who desperately wanted to get her parents back together. Her mom, however, meets Cosmo Cola, a nice but strange man. His daughter, Ariel, is even stranger. Turns out, they're aliens.

5. Tru Confessions

Tru Confessions is a 2002 DCOM. I totally forgot about this movie for a long time but then saw the trailer for it again on YouTube! Shia's acting is so impressive. He plays a boy with a developmental disability, causing him to act like a young child. Although he's super affectionate, his behavior tends to frustrate his twin sis, Tru. She aspires to be a famous filmmaker, and to sum it all up, makes a documentary about her brother and his impact on her life. It's a really beautiful story.

6. Gotta Kick It up!

This is actually one of my fave DCOMs! It aired in the summer of 2002. It focused around a group of young Hispanic girls who find themselves and overcome societal obstacles through their dance troupe. America Ferrera is delightful in it. It's so fun to watch them dance!

7. The Other Me

This DCOM aired in 2000. It's about a teenager who accidentally clones himself as a genius and ends up using his clone to pass school. Andrew Lawrence is super adorable in this film! Him and clone go through a bunch of obstacles, and it's pretty intense to watch! It does have a happy ending though.

That sums up the list for Disney movies you might've forgotten about. Did they bring up any memories for you?