When picking the best Psych episodes, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. This doesn't mean that it's an easy job though! There are a lot of amazing episodes that are just so much fun to watch that it's hard to choose the best. Here are some of the best Psych episodes so far.

1. Mr. Yin Presents

There are so many great film references in this episode! The episode starts with Shawn and Gus going to see an Alfred Hitchcock triple feature and then the episode continues to make references to Hitchcock movies. If you know anything about the "Psych" Yin and Yang episodes, then you know that they are the most suspenseful and exciting episodes of the entire series. This is definitely one of the best psych episodes so far!

2. Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark

I was so not prepared for this episode! In the first few minutes of the show, Shawn gets shot and kidnapped. The entire episode takes place with Shawn in the trunk of a car trying to get out while the rest of the team try to find him. It's definitely stress-inducing and while you assume he can't die because he's the main character, you still find yourself worrying.

3. An Evening with Mr. Yang

As I said before, the Yin and Yang episodes are really suspenseful, exciting, and can be a bit dark, but they're really great! This episode pushes Shawn's "abilities" further than any episode has before because this killer believes he's psychic and is using that as a way to manipulate him. This episode leaves you on the edge of your seat and has a few moments that leave you in shock.

4. The Tao of Gus

This episode has a little bit of a twist. Usually Shawn is the one pushing to investigate unlikely crimes and leads, but this time it's Gus who wants to investigate something that seems unlikely. After he meets an attractive woman who claims to have seen a murder, Gus goes as far as to convince Shawn to stay at a hippie-like commune filled with people that are the complete opposite of Shawn and Gus. It has a lot of funny moments and is definitely worth watching.

5. Lights, Camera...Homicidio

In this episode a murder has taken place on the set of Gus's favorite soap opera. The murder seems to be open and shut because it was caught on camera, but Shawn and Gus investigate anyway. There's some laughs as always and some really good detective work. This seems to be the favorite episode of a lot of Psych fans.

6. Spellingg Bee

This is the second episode of the first series and actually is slightly more relevant than the first. While the first sets up Shawn's character, the second episode sets up everyone else which includes reintroducing Shawn to the new characters. In the first episode Shawn reveals information that gets a cop fired so in the second episode, the new cop is introduced and she is a very important character. A lot of people have actually skipped the pilot altogether and just watch this instead.

7. Murder? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Another episode with awesome movie references. This episode gives some shout outs to John Hughes movies like "The Breakfast Club." Shawn has to go to his high school reunion and he wants everything to go perfectly, but of course, he sees someone fall to their death. The trouble is that the body can't be found so nobody believes Shawn that a murder actually took place. There's some romance in this episode that wasn't there before, as well as some laughs and Shawn trying to prove himself. It's an all around great episode.

It's so hard to choose the best episodes from a show like "Psych" where they are all really great! What do you think about these episodes? Which would you have put on the list?