10 Rom Coms Your Guy Will Love Too ...

By Kati

Let’s face it, if you want to watch a romcom, you’ll probably be inviting round your friends rather then your boyfriend. Something romantic and without guns? Probably not his scene! It is possible to find a film that you’ll both love, though, and to spend a great night together watching a great film. And who knows, he might even pick up some romantic ideas! Here are my top ten romcoms that your guy will love too...

1 There’s Something about Mary

This is a fantastic film, and both you and your guy are set to love it. Cameron makes a gorgeous lead character, and behind the gross jokes and action scenes there is a gentle spirit which you’ll love. There is also the most amazing chemistry between Cameron and Ben Stiller... it’ll make even the coldest heart feel warm and cuddly!

2 Amelie

This quirky film follows a cute young woman round Paris as she comes to terms with who she is, and while it doesn’t sound like a guy-friendly film, it truly is. The relationship between Audrey and Mathieu sparkles, and the cinematography is amazing. It’s a gripping film!

3 The Forty Year Old Virgin

This is one of my favourite films EVER! Steve Carell brings to live this story, and pulls of the awkward character brilliantly. Your man will love the sex jokes and hilarious comedy, and the ending will be satisfying enough for your both... The geeky story of attraction and frustration is an award-winning combination!

4 Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

This film isn’t one of the first that comes to mind when you think of romance, but is surprisingly brilliant. The film delivers a truly heart-tugging account of soul mates whose romance has gone sour, and anyone who has loved and lost will instantly relate. Its displayed in a confusing yet beautiful way, and will keep you both gripped.

5 High Fidelity

Based on the books by Nick Hornby, this light hearted film follows Rob, a record shop owner, who isn’t too lucky in love. When his smart, funny girlfriend Laura leaves him for no apparent reason, he makes a list of his top five worst break ups, and decides to visit each one and find out what went wrong. This provides a look into the minds of men, and mixes it with music to give it a refreshing outlook. It’s funny, honest and will make you feel like listening to your song...

6 Four Weddings and a Funeral

Charles and his friends seem to be constantly attending weddings, but never as the bride or groom, despite all of them looking for love. At the wedding of some close friends, Charles meets Carrie, an American woman who he thinks could be the one. They spend a night together, and it seems that Charles might finally be settling down, but it doesn’t evolve into anything more. Charles and Carrie bump into each other at other celebrations, but nothing seems to be happening, and Charles regains contact with an exgirlfriend whom he still has feelings for... but will Carrie just let him go? This is a great film, which will have you shouting at the TV, and the charms of Hugh Grant and the rest of the equally chatty and amazing cast, it’s both hilarious and very romantic. An ace film!

7 Punch Drunk Love

This romcom stands apart from the rest, delivering romance without all the cutesy bits which make them so hated by men! Adam Sandler injects humour, playing a man whose constant henpecking by his 7 sisters has left him bruised, angry and unable to love. One morning a woman asks him for help with her car, and the story follows them as he learns to love, and she decides if he is worth all the complications... this is an award winning film, and it’s not hard to see why!

8 When Harry Met Sally

This classic film follows Harry and Sally, who make friends as they finish university. They remain friends as both experience love and heartbreak, but neither can find anyone to settle down with. Finally they realize that life keeps throwing them together, and spark a very close friendship... but can men and women really be friends? Or will sex always get in the way? The acting is great, and the dialogue is believable and hilarious. A great question, and a great film.

9 Groundhog Day

This is a charming film, which involves meteorologist Phil who travels to Pennsylvania to cover the Groundhog Day celebrations. He would rather be anywhere else, and so is annoyed when a blizzard shuts the road back to Pittsburgh. When Phil wakes up the next day, he’s living through February 2nd again, with no one else aware of the time loop. When the problem continues, he decides to take advantage, learning secrets from the towns people, drinking and driving, seducing women and stealing money. He can’t seem to get closer to love interest Rita, though... perfectly performed and very romantic, this is a film you’ll both love.

10 Say Anything

Arguably John Cusack’s best ever performance, this film about young love and first relationships is heart warming, and the inclusion of well timed and thought out sub-plots keep it interesting. The film is excellently written and acted, portraying a real world, with characters you can relate too. It also sparked many great one liners, and of course, the famous ‘boombox over head’ action.

These films all excellently combine relationships, romance and humour, and that makes them utterly watchable and heart warming. So while you soak up the romance, your man is sure to love them too, and you’ll create some favourites together! Have you got a favourite rom-com that your man loves too? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: Images by Jane

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